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Lemons are good for the tummy, heart, skin, liver, and for fighting cancer.

Just about every morning except on Saturday (Biblical Sabbath Day) I wake up and drink a glass of warm water with the juice from 1/2 of an organic lemon. I drink it before I consume anything else. This lemon juice in clean, warm, healthy water first thing in the morning stimulates the liver to flush out toxins and balance the bodies digestive system.

Child’s Perspective

Lemons are sour but when they are in lemon bars we put white stuff on it and it is good. I make it with my grandma. —Melody 

When I was little I used to bite into lemons even though they were sour. When we were making lemon bars I licked the lemon juice off of my fingers and it tasted sour but delicious. Then my grandma told me to go wash my hands. –Neava

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