Child Support Mediation

Child Support or Alimony establishment can be completed through a mediation session on a separate date from a co-parenting mediation session. Financial discussions cause individuals to loose focus regrading parental priorities and decision making. This process is best done separately with due time to process either before or after a co-parent mediation session. Alimony is not often recommended very commonly in the courts or in mediation accept in military families or in circumstances when one of the marital parents was primarily a stay at home parent that needs time to establish in the community, complete their education or both parents believe it is in the best interest of the child(ren) for the parent to continue to remain primarily in the home.

• Child Support or Alimony Documents
Tax Returns (Federal & State)
Pay Stubs
W-2’s and/or 1099’s
Partnerships & Other Business Interests Valuation
Real Estate Property Valuation
Vehicles, Boats, Trailers Valuation
Savings, Checking, Money Market and CD Accounts
Non-Retirement Investments such as Stocks,Bonds, Secured Note Mutual Funds
Executive Compensation – Stock Options, RSUs or Other Executive Comp
Retirement Accounts and Pensions
Annuities, IRAs, Deferred Compensation
Life Insurance (Whole Life Policies)
Jewelry, Antiques, Art, Coin Collections, or Other Property with significant value
Accounts Receivable & Unsecured Notes
Real Estate Loans
Credit Cards and Revolving Credit
Other Loans and Debts
Depending on the state you live in,