Sarah McKennon


“My hope is to offer parents information, services and guidance that can assist them in raising children that will be positive influences in the community for generations to come.”

             – Sarah McKennon

Over the past 30 years I have offered human services to children, youth and adults with concerning behavioral patterns. Through my observations over this timeframe I found the most significant improvement with child behavioral concerns were made when parents provided: Active and Positive parenting techniques, they established a positive support system, strived for a healthy lifestyle, and had a deep desire to help their child become an independent and positive member of their community for generations to come.

This site was developed as a platform for parenting seminars, resourceseducationspecialized parental and client support, co-parenting mediationsupport groups and Biblical counseling and health coaching for Spotsylvania County,  and surrounding areas.

I am a Qualified Mental Health Professional holding  a Master’s in Professional Counseling from Liberty University and a Bachelor’s in Administration of Justice from George Mason University. This unique combination of educational experiences has allowed me to better understand the mental health impact of the justice system on juveniles and adults as well as social, human, and moral issues raised through the administration of justice procedures. Prior to completing my degrees I worked in institutions, group homes and community support programs for developmentally and physically disabled persons, incarcerated individuals, and the chronically ill. I have developed a holistic healing perspective which includes the development of positive support systems to assist in fostering continued successes in my clients once services have ended. Most recently I have started homesteading and teaching about health and wellness through these practices.

THE FAMILY FRIENDLY FOOD BOOK is my latest endeavor and was developed as part of a homeschool project with my two granddaughters. Over the past two years we complied photos, information and fun facts about what basic food items do for the body. Click the link above for detailed review and ordering information.

Family Support Services
Phone: 804-572-0000

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