Lemon Bars

While Lemon Bars made with organic ingredients are still far from a healing health food they are Family Friendly. The wholesome ingredients are easier on your body to digest and they are easy to make. If you have any lemon left over be sure to drink the juice in some warm, healthy, clean, water withContinue reading “Lemon Bars”

Family Friendly Food Book

Lemons are good for the tummy, heart, skin, liver, and for fighting cancer. Just about every morning except on Saturday (Biblical Sabbath Day) I wake up and drink a glass of warm water with the juice from 1/2 of an organic lemon. I drink it before I consume anything else. This lemon juice in clean,Continue reading “Family Friendly Food Book”

Challenges In Parenting

TAKE A DEEP BREATH! The first thing newborns learn to do when they come into the world is breath. This is often heard with a cry. Throughout their tiny lives these two things keep them alive. We sometimes remind our children about breathing as they grow older by saying things like “Take a deep breath.”Continue reading “Challenges In Parenting”

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