Family Friendly Food Book

RELEASE DATE: 2019!!!!?????

Please check back for order details.

Preview the book while it is at the print shop on my Family Friendly Food Book Blog and in the video below.

The book is spiral bound and user friendly for people of all ages. With color photos, adult and child perspectives about food items and helpful charts users can develop conversations that encourage  wise health choices. With this book your family can be well on the way to appreciating the healthful foods in your kitchen. Use it at the table during meals, while cooking or during reading and relaxation times.

This book outlines the importance of eating a diet based in the heart of a homestead kitchen: fresh foods, fermented and sprouted foods, pasture raised dairy, meats and eggs. We discuss the basic health benefits of these foods according to our homesteading philosophy, which involves avoiding processed foods, sugars, empty starches and making healthy foods, fermented drinks, salad, soup, broth and stock. The book is able to be used as a food guide for healthful eating and contains healing principles as well as recipes and food charts. Home photos and excerpts from a child’s view as well as Scriptures, present food ideas in a unique and original manner. The book has excellent information for households struggling with digestive problems, chronic illness, autoimmune disorders, and other health struggles. This book can be used at the dinner table to help readers recognize what their meals are able to do for their health.

Sarah McKennon is a wife, mother of two daughters, and grandmother of two granddaughters. She is a Biblical Counselor, Health Coach and the founder and developer of Parenting Matters, a parental support service. Sarah and family members faced health related struggles for many years that lead to looming threats of recurring type cancer cells, digestive disorders, and diagnosis of chronic illnesses because of weakened immune systems. Before understanding these health issues the family utilized years of medicinal therapy using pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures to treat symptoms throughout life. Eventually after much prayer and petition they found healing and restoration through faith, food, supplements, natural remedies, and homesteading. They currently maintain health by remaining faithful, homesteading (growing their own, meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables), and referring back to healing practices as symptoms occur. They also do detox maintenance due to regular exposure to toxins found through daily living that continue to complicate their health at times.

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