Grow Gardens

I started my first garden after overcoming two forms of reoccurring cancers. I describe my complicated health issues in my Case Study page. I took scrap wood from around the yard and nailed them together in a rectangle over weed paper. I then filled the box with the horse manure based compost I had started 6 months previous mixed with organic coffee grounds, vegetable scraps from the kitchen, egg shells, tea, cut grass, raked leaves and pine needles. I grew tomatoes, lettuce and squash. I also began composting on a fallen pine tree for the next years tomato garden. Every year for the next 4 years I added a new garden area where I had composted the previous year rotating the compost annually. On the third gardening year we had begun raising livestock. I wanted to keep my lettuce garden longer so we took two cattle panels and bent them over the lettuce garden. Then we covered it with plastic and placed an old chandelier inside with heat bulbs in it. My husband eventually added a door and a window. We now have lettuce well into the new year when we begin planting our early spring crop of beets, garlic and onions. Beets are my favorite vegetable to grow as there is little concern regarding bugs in my gardens.

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