Health Coaching & Biblical Counseling

Parenting Matters offers Biblically based services. These services hold to an  understanding that Father God is our parent who offers us a road map for life in the Bible. The Scriptures hold wisdom, correction & discipline and loving support to assist God’s children. These services are for people struggling with their health or wellbeing. The approach is designed to create a lifestyle that will allow the client to live a healthy and fulfilling God centered life in the mission God chose for them.

Biblically Based Services

~ Help clients live a better more fulfilling life.
~ Experience transformation through a God centered coach/counselor, client relationship.
~ Help client find their God-given vision so they can fulfill their personal calling & mission.
~ Come along side client to help them find God’s plan for their best solutions and healing.
~ Teach client to apply the relevant truth of God’s Word to current, everyday life situations.
~ Grow closer to God through their faith in Jesus the Christ.

Biblical Health Coaching: Biblical health coaching involves coaching based on biblical presuppositions resulting in more biblical aims and methods in health and well being. Coaching  provides a distinct service that help the client work on their goals for the future and to create a new life path based in Biblical principles. Coach and  client relationships are collaborative involving shared responsibility. Coaches and client work as a team progressing towards client’s God centered goals. Clients that meet their objectives will do well in meeting their goals. Clients that do not obtain short term objectives may be referred to counseling.

Biblical Counseling: Biblical counsel involves counseling on Biblical presuppositions resulting in more Biblical aims and methods in life. Biblical counseling puts an emphasis on the power and suitability of God’s Word in addressing client problems. It uses the Bible to diagnose the roots of problems and to prescribe lasting solutions. Biblical counseling utilizes Biblical vocabulary of personal sin and personal responsibility, giving huge hope of forgiveness and change. It offers theological and practical resources for the client to utilize to improve a vast range of life problems. Biblical counseling stresses on the necessity of the Holy Spirit, prayer, and a God fearing attitude to effect long-term transformation.

  • These services are not covered by most insurance plans and cost effective billing arrangements can be made in order for client to be able to get the services they need to overcome their personal life challenges. Counselor or coach will determine the most cost effective and practical approach that will assure the quickest and safest methods to use for best solutions and healing. Some of these approaches include:
    • Daily, weekly or monthly texting or session based emails
    • Phone sessions
    • Face to face sessions in office
    • Face to face sessions in the community
    • On-line assessments
    • Guided client research
    • Daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly and quarterly schedule options according to individual needs.
    • Services are for individual adults and couples
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