On these pages you will find information about how our family learned to homestead. We raise meat sheep, chickens for eggs and meat, dairy cows and grow gardens year round. We also raise Maremma sheepdogs to protect our livestock, gardens and property. The videos display a book we have written, due to be published in the coming weeks and a video of our farm and puppies from last year 2017. Click on the links that follow and the videos to find out useful information regarding homesteading and its benefits for raising a healthy family.

Cattle Panel Greenhouse!

My husband made a green house for me one fall after our second gardening season. I had been struggling with health issues and knew that salad and other foods right from the garden was the best way to combat these struggles. I had been on an 18 month organic  vegetarian diet previous and the grocery bill was way too high. I was unable to work for most of this healing time as well. I had come to understand that we were made for garden. God knew exactly where I should be and he guided me there.

After several years of learning to garden on my land I started writing a book with my granddaughters as part of a homeschool project. Health issues were all through the family line and doctors warned offspring may suffer far down the line. I felt it was important for them to understand what food does for our bodies. 2 years later we had a book. I am saving my pennies for publishing now. Below is a video link. I will be blogging pieces of the book until that publishing date. God Speed: Family Friendly Food Book Blog

The cattle panel green house and most structures on our farm are created from items found around the yard and ideas from fellow homesteaders. My husband is a carpenter by trade and I am fond of tase, bungee cords and zip ties for building. I start and he finishes on most occasions. He installed a window and a door on this greenhouse. We can grow greens 10 months of the year if no early extended deep freezes.

We have bred our Maremma guardian sheepdogs twice, once in 2017 and once in 2018. We  will breed one more time for sure and then consider altering her. There is much talk about not altering the large breed dog until after 2 years to prevent some diseases and allow for complete growth which takes two years. Research is all over the place and veterinarians are not wanting to do a tubal ligation on pups. This would allow hormones to continue but not allow pregnancy. I will continue my research on this subject. We currently have kept one of our female pups and are contemplating an early alter due to dad being here. Not getting much fan mail about that from the Maremma people. I will let you know later my choice and try to back it up with some solid research. Please call 540-226-9687 with inquiries or e-mail at Below is a video of previous pups on our homestead. All are living on active farms and doing very well. References available.

Puppy training!

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