Parenting Seminars

Parenting seminars are offered in Spotsylvania County according to community need.  This seminar is also approved for Hanover County Circuit Court. View testimonial here regarding the seminar.

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Co-parenting Two Parents Two Homes is a four-hour seminar ideal for parents living apart in two different households. If the relationship is in crisis there are guidelines regarding parallel parenting, which reduces the need for verbal interactions. The underlying course work is also  effective to use in a home with blended families, or when grandparents or other caretakers and parental figures need to collaborate their parenting styles in order to stabilize the child rearing environment.

Active and Positive Parenting is a four hour seminar that assists parents in understanding how to utilize parenting techniques that can modify challenging child and teen behaviors. Parents are able to apply what they learn and follow-up at a follow-up class about progress or challenges in their application experiences. This class addresses the use of positive social interactions as well as healthy social boundaries. Parents learn active parenting skills and develop insight about challenges children typically face in their communities.

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