Co-Parenting: 2 Parents 2Homes (Student Testimony)                    9/16

“This seminar changed my life! I was able to shift my focus back to my daughter once I realized I was using the wrong approach when interacting with my spouse. I am currently in a high conflict divorce where initially I had feelings of despair and defeat. Every communication with my spouse was volatile, and I never knew what to expect from one minute to the next. It was a constant power struggle where egos, attorneys, and negative emotions were involved. Because of this class and the valuable resources provided, I am now equipped with the necessary tools and strategies to effectively deal with my spouse. When conflict arises, I remember Sarah’s words, reminding me to keep the interactions with my spouse  – respectful, positive and most importantly child-focused. She also suggested that I treat the co-parent relationship as a professional one, which takes the emotions out of the equation. I can confidently say I now co-parent more productively and react a lot less emotionally since this course. I also have had several open discussions with my daughter about what’s happening to our family and assure her that both Mom and Dad love her very much.  The bottom line is my little girl will be just fine as long as her Dad and I work together as her parents.  I highly recommend this class to anyone going through a separation or divorce.  Sarah McKennon’s wisdom, passion, and knowledge of the course curriculum made for a stimulating class where I’ve put into practice many of the principles she taught me. Thank you!”

—-Rebecca S.

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