Available Positions

Current Positions:

Visitation Supervisor I & II PT

Visitation Supervisor I
Under Parenting Matter’s policies and professional requirements, the Bachelor, Associates, H.S. level Visitation Supervisor may provide hands-on direct assistance and education to families and children who are referred for Supervised Visitation services. This may include scheduling, transportation, face-to-face supervision, audio and/or video supervision, fully supervised or semi-supervised visits at established visitation sites, parent training and education before and after visits. The target population to be served are those families and children involved with the Department of Social Services (DSS) or Child Protection Services (CPS). Services may be provided in conjunction with a home-based family preservation program which utilizes a strengths-based solution-focused model. Services are also provided to self-paying private individuals under a Parenting Agreement.

Contact Sarah McKennon: visitationcenter@aparentingmatter.com

Bilingual Parent Educator

The position requires the Parent Educator to be fluent in English and Spanish and able to work with parents and their children teaching Positive Active Parenting skills through partnering, facilitating, and reflecting with the parents. Th parent educator will provide parent education and family support to enhance the quality of parenting, increase a parent’s understanding of child development, and work with parents to help their child learn, grow, and develop to meet their full potential. The applicant must be knowledgeable about child development, parenting techniques, community resources, cultural competence, and confidentiality. The Parent Educator will work in the community teaching seminars and co-teach parenting classes. The position also may require visiting families’ homes as part of a team to assist parents in understanding the development of their child and approaches to behavior management.

Responsibilities and Duties:
Complies with policies, procedures, and guidelines as set by the Supreme Court of Virginia and Parenting Matters,
Maintains confidentiality.
Provides visits with a Lead Educator to families on caseload coaching/teaching the Positive Active Parenting approach.
Maintains accurate computer and paper documentation as required.
Completes the required number of visits/screenings for families as determined by Parenting Matters program guidelines.
Participates in all staff meetings.
Participates in reflective supervision meetings and develops a plan for self-improvement and growth.
Helps plan and execute parenting seminars or coaching sessions as assigned. Notifies all assigned families of upcoming seminars or coaching sessions.
Collaborates with the referral sources (Virginia Courts, Department of Social Services, etc.) in providing services as needed for children and families according to the service plans.
Communicates regularly with parents by means of phone calls, texts, e-mails, seminars or coaching sessions.
Promotes parent participation and involvement in educational activities provided for the benefit of their children and actively recruits families to participate in the program.
Other responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.

Fluent in Spanish and English
Complete a two day Train The Trainer seminar in Fairfax County. Next training is October 4th and 5th pre-registration is required.
Every year after initial training, Parent Educator must annually complete professional development hours in order to remain a Parenting Matters parent educator.

Contact Sarah Mckennon : visitationcenter@aparentingmatter.com
Applicants for Parent Educator must meet ONE of the following requirements to be eligible for this position:

  • experienced certified family mediator
  • licensed/certified mental health professional
  • licensed clinical social worker
  • licensed professional counselor
  • lawyer with practice emphasizing juvenile or family law;
  • parenting educator
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