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Family reunification is filled with vision and hope for the parent while often resulting in confusion and fear for the children. Parenting Matters utilizes The Nurturing Parenting Programs for their Family Reunification Supervised Visitation, Parent Coaching, and Parent Education. The Nurturing Parenting program was developed as part of a family-centered trauma-informed initiative. The program is designed to help to build nurturing parenting skills and is able to be tailored to meet the needs of the individual parent. The program is evidence-based in Nurturing philosophy and has helped families develop or enhance parenting skills to assist in the reunification process. 

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Family Reunification services supports the process of returning a child to his or her family of origin following a separation time, placement in foster care, or other out of home placement. In Virginia, reunification with primary caregivers is the usual goal for children in foster care. Children do best when raised in their own families, whenever possible. Family Reunification is also done when a parent has been absent for an extended period of time or never met a child and desires to do so. Individual Service Plans are developed, psycho-educational services are provided, counseling between all parties (parents, guardians, child(ren), relatives) involved is undertaken while the reunification process takes place. The process is supported by a team of service providers who collaborate in order to provide the best support services for the families unique needs. After intake and assessments are completed an individualized intensive parent education program with individualized Parental Support services is designed for the family. Service plans with goals and objectives are utilized and help guide the client towards safe and healthy visits with the family.

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