Parental Support

Parent support services are offered in the home and the community. Through education, role modeling, and guidance Parenting Matters support staff present the tools parents can use to establish effective parenting with children, between parents and with support systems utilizing Positive & Active Parenting and or Nurturing Parenting Skills. These skills are focused on healthy living foundations for families through safe and thought-out strategies that encourage parents and children to develop into healthy, positive, productive, independent members of the family and community.

Services were established to:

  • Promote effective parent communication skills
  • Offer information about child development 
  • Help create parent-child relationships that foster security and hope
  • Offer a platform for parenting discussions and presentation of statistical information 
  • Teach parent negotiation skills that are “child friendly”
  • Reduce the need for out of home placements of children
  • Offer child consistent and appropriate discipline in all environments
  • Remove child from adult relational struggles
  • Increase positive and active parent child interactions
  • Reduce child/adolescent problem behaviors
  • Increase effective communication between parents
  • Increase awareness of child’s needs
  • Promote independence 
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