Spotsylvania County

Parenting Matters is located in Spotsylvania County and offers services from the Juvenile Intake Office at the Court Services Unit on scheduled Tuesday and Friday evenings as well as on Sundays.

Services are also offered at local facilities, churches, government buildings and in client homes as permitted and are scheduled according to individual need or demand. All services must be pre-arranged. Seminars must be pre-registered for no later than two days prior to class for processing reasons, proper room sizes, and curriculum supply. Class sizes range from 3-10. There is no childcare provided for classroom services.


Dates or locations are subject to change according to class pre-registration totals.

Co-Parenting: Two Parents – Two Homes Seminar

$50.00 per student

Co-Parenting: Two Parents, Two Homes

Tuesday, June, 6th 2023 (5pm-9pm)
Tuesday, July, 18th, 2023 (5pm-9pm)
Tuesday, August 15th, 2023 (5pm-9pm)
Tuesday, September 5th, 2023 (5pm-9pm)

Positive Active Parenting Classes are scheduled individually.


9125 Courthouse Rd. Spotsylvania, VA. 22553


Classes with less than 3 participants may be carried over to the next scheduled date.


9125 Courthouse Rd. Spotsylvania, VA. 22553


Seminars with less than 3 participants may be carried over to the next scheduled date.

Please provide e-mail address and cell number. Check your e-mail for updates on changes in class schedule.

The seminars are four hours long participants must arrive ON TIME for the course. Doors are locked when class begins.

You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course once you have finished the requirements.

Please bring light snacks as classes takes place during lunch or dinner hours. There is a 15 minute break 2 hours in.

Payments accepted: credit card, cash, certified check ,or money order (NO PERSONAL CHECKS).

All fees include required curriculum book for individuals.

*Participants with a spouse or partner involved in a court case together as opponents or experiencing extreme relational difficulties may NOT attend the same seminar together.

Payment is due by credit card, in cash, money order, or certified check prior to class start (NO PERSONAL CHECKS).

Please arrive on time.

Thank you for choosing Parenting Matters as your service provider.

How to Register

#1 Call or text Parenting Matters and request to reserve a seat at 804-572-0000. (please specify date desired)

#2 Make payment over the phone with your credit card or debit card or mail a certified check or money order 7 days before the class.

Certified check or money order for $50 per student should be made out to “Parenting Matters – Sarah Mckennon” with “Seminar” written in the note section.


*If you are a government agency and will be paying for a client to attend the seminar through referral send an “Intent to Pay” letter through email to Sarah McKennon at:

*You will receive an invoice once the class has been completed by your client*

#3 Mail payment by check or money order to:

Parenting Matters

3049 Partlow Rd.

Partlow VA. 22534

#4 Arrive at scheduled seminar on time to complete registration process and to receive curriculum.

Admission will not be permitted after class registration closes.

Food and drink will not be provided. Please bring a snack and a drink with you.

A 15 minute break will be given two hours in and food and drink can be purchased near class location.

Questions 804-572-0000 Sarah McKennon.

*Co-Parenting: Two parents, Two Homes Seminar meets Virginia court requirements for parents involved in custody, support, or divorce cases. Participants should not attend the same seminar as their court case opponent.

Positive and Active Parenting

Positive Active Parenting Classes are scheduled individually please call for appointment. Individualized classes $250: intake, orientation, up to 4 face-to-face sessions and a Google classroom then $50 per hour follow-up classes as needed plus $35 wkly supplemental online services.

Please call 804-572-0000 to schedule a class.

Family Support Services
Phone: 804-572-0000

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