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Supporting the child as we stay at home. Parenting Matters would like to offer some parental support to help them help their children during this unique time in history. With the need to stay close to home comes trials and stressors that are not common place for many. Below is a link to an article I wrote in response to requests from parents on how to support their children during these weeks and months to come when they struggle. Birthdays, holidays, school, fellowship, and separation from peers and loved ones all can cause children to become overwhelmed. I hope this article can help parents focus on calming and healing such matters.

Supporting The Child

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A New Resource Below – This is on Parenting Matters Facebook page and is from a local Social Studies class researching Family Values during their new on-line class format. Thank you Marie (student) and Ms. Murphy (Teacher) for caring about the importance of supporting children that live with parents in separate homes.

*******Due to COVID-19 and the Judicial Emergency Suspension Order from 3/17/2020 we have implemented measures to ensure the health and safety of our clients & employees, including Telework for employees beginning on March 17, 2020.

CO-PARENTING CLASSES ARE AVAILABLE!!!! The live on-line version will begin April 19th if 4 people have registered for the seminar. We are offering tele-conferences, on-line Google Classes, parental support services for our parental support/coaching clients in the mean time.

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