Positive and Active Parenting Class

Positive and Active Parenting classes teach parents about basic parenting skills and in-depth approaches to stress reduction, organization, developing self-esteem, offering discipline with a positive outcome, how to encourage critical thinking and instill long lasting positive outcomes for all. This class is divided into two curriculum based sessions and two or more follow-up sessions as needed that are individually based. The course assists parents in understanding how to utilize parenting techniques that can modify situations that seem challenging to the parents of infants, toddlers, children and teens. Parents are able to apply what they learn and follow-up at the next session

about progress or challenges in their application experiences. The classes address the use of positive social interactions as well as healthy social boundaries. Parents learn positive and active parenting skills and develop insight about challenges parents and children typically face in their development and in communities.

Pre-registration is required.

$300 for 2 parents and up to 4 face-face sessions tailored to meet your household needs, $400 per household (up to 4 people). There is a $60 hourly fee for follow-up face-to-face, A Google classroom is created for you to go along with your class. There is a $40 fee for follow-up Google Classroom Sessions.

*If you are a government agency and will be paying for a client to attend the classes through referral send an “Intent to Pay” letter through email to Sarah McKennon at: aparentingmatter@gmail.com

*You will receive an invoice once the class has been completed by your client*

#3 Mail payment by check or money order to:

Parenting Matters

3049 Partlow Rd.

Partlow VA. 22534

If in need please contact Sarah Mckennon aparentingmatter@gmail.com

Parent Child Memos

Household Rules

Child Specific Behavior Rules

Parenting The Traumatized & Emotionally Struggling Child

Call Sarah McKennon at 804-572-0000 to register

or email: aparentingmatter@gmail.com.

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