Household Rules

Household Rules make clear boundaries a parent can use to help their child develop good character traits. 10 helpful and common house hold rules would be.

1. Treat Other People and Their Property With Respect

2. Knock on Closed Doors Before Entering

3. Pick Up After Yourself

4. Electronics Curfew of 8PM weekdays

5. Make Amends When You Hurt Someone

6. Tell the Truth

7. Complete Your Dental and Body Hygiene Routines

8. Attend Family Meetings Once a Week

9. Come To Dinner On Time With Pleasant Conversation

10. Help Others In Household Daily

Create your own rules with wording appropriate for the age of the children. When a child does not follow the rules utilize Time-In and Consequence Discussion to guide the child back into proper character building.

Earn Trust Back Rules can be applied to help children develop responsibility and give them choices. Their response to this opportunity will give a parent an understanding of the kind of empathetic support the child needs to get back on track. Be sure the child has mastered the tasks offered before listing them in your Earn Trust Back Rules.

Earn Trust Back/Rules Example

Part of Positive Active Parenting entails the child knowing how to reestablish trust after a minor or a serious behavioral offense. The practice of earning trust back builds a child’s self-confidence, generates positive and productive activity, which can lead to positive interactions.


Parent issues a Logical Consequence (No television for 1 week)

1.To earn trust and privileges back you must earn 100-500 points from the list below depending on the offense.

2. You will not get points if the task is already your assigned chore.

3. Each 100 points removes a day from the end of your consequence time.

4. You can only remove 5 days from your consequence

Research assigned subject and write a moral response = 25

Write a letter of apology including a plan to prevent problem in future = 20

Write a nice letter to a relative and mail it = 10 points

Write a nice letter to a neighbor = 10 points

Help a relative/neighbor with a household maintenance project= 20 points

Prepare and cook dinner = 50 points

1 load of laundry (wash, dry, fold, put away) = 100 points

Clean and organize kitchen cupboard = 50 points per cupboard

Empty and clean dishwasher = 10 points

Clean and wash off table = 10 points

Clean and wash off counters = 10 points

Wash kitchen chairs = 25 points

Clean out microwave = 15 points

Take out garbage and re-bag can = 10 points

Empty all trash cans = 20 points

Clean toilets = 50 points

Clean and mop living room floor= 30 points

Dust living room = 50 points

Wash windows in living room and kitchen = 75 points

Sweep and mop kitchen floor = 50 points

Vacuum a room = 25 points

Above are some examples of household routines and below is another example of house rules that could be established. They can even be printed and hung up. Remember basic rules should be written in a positive way that describes what should be done.

Tell the truth
Offer to help others
Be on time
Be thankful for what you have
Complete chores independently
Clean up after yourself
Take off shoes in the foyer
The first person up feeds the dogs
Take out the trash when it is full
Eat with the family

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