Supervised Visitation

Supervised parental contact can help to prevent children
from feeling abandoned, while providing opportunities for positive interactions
with non-custodial parents, thereby minimizing confusion and fears.

“Children often worry about the well being of a non-custodial parent and fear they personally are the reason the parent is not in their lives regularly.”

Sarah McKennon, MA, QMHP

Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation is conducted with a parent who is visiting with their child and a Parenting Matters Support Staff to ensure that the visitation is safe and appropriate for the child. The role of the supervising support staff is to monitor the parent’s behavior and interactions with the child during the visitation.


Support staff is required to monitor parents for the concerns brought forth by the court and for any questionable behaviors from the visiting or delivering parent. Court orders and background information is provided to Parenting Matters prior to visits being conducted.


The custodial and non-custodial parents normally are asked to agree on a location for supervised visitation. Parenting Matters will also have to approve of the location. If the parents do not have a location Parenting Matters is able to reserve rooms at local churches and public buildings for visitations. If there is a fee for the use of the building the charges will apply to the parent responsible for the supervision payment. In some cases, the Court will order that the visitation take place at a special facility.

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