Parallel Parenting Plan Example

A parallel parenting plan should specifically state guidelines and terms of child custody, care and visitation schedules:
• the start and end time of each custodial segment,
◦ the specific days of the visits,
◦ the pick up and drop off location,
◦ specific provisions about cancellation and make up time, if any,
◦ responsibility for transportation, and
◦ what happens after a variance from the guidelines agreed to between the parents occurs
◦ specific details that would be in a court order if one has not been developed in an effort to avoid legal litigations.
◦ A revaluation date for possible transition to co-parenting (30 days – 3 months) when parallel parenting occurs.


Mom and dad care for their children independently or with approved supervision should a disability or health complication occur.

Approved Supervisors: paternal or maternal grandparents, maternal aunt and paternal uncle.
Children are exchanged with minimal interaction and polite regards.
Memos are handed to other parent and brief greeting or signing of memo and gratitude given during exchange of children (if there is a supervisor they do the exchange of children and memos).
Both parents have assigned specific parental duties while minimizing or eliminating contact with each other. Mother: organizes religious activities and athletics. Father purchases supplies for hobbies, and arranges medical appointments etc.).
Both parents agree to be professional, calm and non-threatening during communications.
Both parents agree to follow parent plan or court order, sticking to the facts when requesting variance through mutual agreement with a memo.
All major decisions pertaining to health, education and day care shall be made jointly by the parents through memo. No prior consultation is required between the parents regarding emergency medical or dental treatment, routine checkups, or minor illnesses. However, the other parent shall be notified immediately in the case of an emergency. A sharing of routine health information will occur through memo.
The parent filling out any required forms shall list the names of both parents and their telephone numbers on all school and extracurricular cards/forms as well as with treating professionals and insurance carriers.
Neither parent shall submit the children to any psychological/psychiatric testing or evaluation or to any new extended course of medical, dental, orthodontic, psychiatric, or psychological treatment/counseling without consultation with one another and consent which shall be in writing.
Neither parent shall enroll the children in activities which require a commitment from the other parent or interfere with a previously agreed upon plan or court ordered schedule without mutual approval through memo.
Each parent is to provide the other with the address and telephone number at which the minor children reside. When changes are made, immediate communication through memo, legal counsel, assigned supervision or assigned parental support shall be made and information provided. A parent shall notify the other parent if the parent plans to change the residence of the children for more than thirty (30) days, unless there is a prior written agreement to the removal. The notice shall be given before the contemplated move, by mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid, to the last known address of the parent to be notified. A copy of the notice shall also be sent to that parent’s counsel of record. To the extent feasible, the notice shall be provided within a minimum of forty-five (45) days before the proposed change of residence so as to allow for mediation of a new agreement concerning custody.
Each parent shall keep the other advised at all times of his/her current residence and business address, telephone numbers (home, cell and work), the children’s school and daycare, and the location of where the children will be spending any extended period of time (two days or more)
Each parent is responsible for keeping themselves advised and for advising each other of all school, athletic, and social events in which the children participate including, but not limited to school report cards, school meeting notices, requests for school conferences, notice of activities related to the children, and order forms for school pictures.
Each parent shall keep the other advised within a reasonable time when the minor children visit with the doctor, hospital, or place of medical treatment (excluding checkups), including the date of the visit, the name and address of the doctor, the condition treated, the results of the treatment, and description of any follow-up appointments made.
Access to records and information pertaining to a minor child, including, but not limited to, medical, dental, and school records, shall not be denied to a parent because that parent is not the children’s custodial parent.
Parents agree to allow child to speak about absent parent and will refrain from any discourse with chid or other that could result in defamation of character.
Parents agree to refrain from course discourse regarding parallel parent, co-parent or absent parent around the child or in the community. For the purpose of child safety and healthy parental processing of concerns such conversations will only take place with professionals or clergy that will respect confidentiality.